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Black Glutinous Rice Dessert 300g x 2bowls

Black Glutinous Rice Dessert 300g x 2bowls

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One of the best-selling products, it has a soft and chewy texture o combined with the unique aroma of black glutinous rice, leaving a memorable aftertaste.

We always heard from the elderly that any black or red color food is good for blood tonifying. Black glutinous rice, also known as blood glutinous rice, is rich in nutrients such as high protein, dietary fiber, and iron, similar to red beans.

It has the effect of tonifying blood and qi, making people look rosy and healthy.

It is particularly suitable for consumption by postpartum women, children, and anemic individuals. Red bean black glutinous rice is also a good blood-tonifying food after each monthly menstrual cycle.

Features -

Net weight: 300g

Ingredients : Black Glutinous Rice, Red Bean, Sago, Coconut Milk, Granulated Sugar, Pandan Leaves

Shelf life : 6 months

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